No drugs for youths, green campus drug combating education project

Time: 2017-04-04

The drug problem is a serious social problem facing the new world today, especially the spread of the new synthetic drugs, which has caused great harm to the society. The proportion of young people in drug addicts is high, and it has become an increasingly prominent social problem. Fujian Red Apple Public Welfare joined hands with the Fujian Judicial Compulsory Isolation Centre for Drug Rehabilitation and Fujian Police College, and organized anti-drug publicity and education in the “peer education” model, actively discussing the activity matters with various high schools, colleges, secondary and vocational schools in Fujian Province, and coordinating various resources to provide the necessary conditions for anti-drug publicity and education. Through the selection and training of judicial professional college volunteers as models of “anti-drug preachers”, and by combining with the campus “peer anti-drug preaching + anti- drug photo exhibition + anti-drug videos + anti-drug pledge + distributing anti-drug promotional materials” and other forms to guide students to stay away from drugs and resist drugs willingly and voluntarily by starting from themselves.

As of the end of July 31, 2017, the project has launched “Campus Drug Control” in a total of 25 colleges and universities in Fuzhou and Xiamen, benefiting more than 30,700 teachers and students, involving 281 person-times of preachers and volunteers.