Sky9 Capital is a venture capital firm focused on driving innovation in Internet, enterprise, and deep technology in China.


A non-movement commonweal organization initiated by a group of ordinary people, committed to improving survival conditions for abandoned infants and providing rich reading resources for poverty-stricken children.


Beijing Health Alliance Charitable Foundation is committed to helping disadvantaged groups, carrying out social assistance, supporting healthy public welfare activities and assisting charitable public welfare projects


Gather the loving hearts of the Chinese at home and abroad, carry forward the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation, help the urban and rural groups with exceptional poverty, promote the development of social assistance, and serve the social harmony and civilization.


The Fujian Red Apple Public Welfare is a charity organization providing educational aids to young children of special families such as prisoners’. The organization is a major assistance system that concerns about the problems of special groups, with a focus on the help of the children of prisoners’, and strives to promote the healthy development of special groups in many aspects, such as mental health, rights and interests protection and capacity building.


With the tenant of “respecting life and guarding life”, it is to advocate the idea of humanistic care, so the children who are receiving haematological tumour treatment can improve their life quality, and those who cannot be cured can go to the end of their lives quietly with dignity.


Take root in the remote and poverty-stricken areas, be the companions of rural children and the fellow travellers of the rural education. By building a personality cultivation school combining junior high school, high school and university, it is to help the mountainous children who are willing to change fate through education to finish school, become kind-hearted people with personal integrity who are competent to integrate into the future society, willing to repay the society and back-feed hometown; by fuelling energy to the local rural education, it is to help the rural schools gradually return to the education essence of “student centred”, so the children in the impoverished rural areas can get better growth.


It is to provide free serious illness medical insurance services for rural children in China, fight for medical funds and fair medical opportunities for children, so that every child can have the dignity of medical services.


Focusing on the Pearl River Delta region, and through professional operation, it is to support public organizations rooted in the community, and help donors effectively manage charitable funds, and carry out strategic social investment and public welfare communication.


Vloveit is committed to supporting youth to enhance self-awareness, sense of social responsibility and action ability in participating in public interest activities, with the hope that each youth can create positive changes. Vloveit Camp is its core brand project.


Mitian was founded on 16 June 2005. In September 2010, Guangdong Maitian Education Foundation was registered in Guangdong Provincial Department of Civil Affairs. Maitian aims at improving the education &living conditions of children in the poor mountainous area and urban migrant children via the establishment of national volunteer teams and the implementation of donations to schools, interest courses, quality expansion and other projects. At present, Maitian has set up 79 Maitian service teams throughout the country and established 52 financially aided regionsas well as more than 100 service communities.


With characters, pictures, videos and other all-media forms, The Beijing News provides users with hot news around the clock, covering breaking news, current affairs, finance & economics, entertainment, sports as well as comment, magazine, Blogger, etc. Adhering to the belief that quality comes from responsibility, The Beijing News is devoted to being a fine news website favored by users.


Humanitas Technologies (Humanitas) is a San Francisco-based social enterprise working at the intersection of youth empowerment (15 to 30 years old), philanthropy, and AI. Humanitas’ goal is to create a global culture for doing good by rewarding young people actively solving community issues. Humanitas currently operates in the Middle East, and will be expanding internationally to US, Europe, and China before 2020.

“Healthy Growth” Student Grant

In October 2013, the “Healthy Growth” Student Grants Foundation was founded in Anxiang County.

The “Healthy Growth” Student Grant is a non-public offering foundation, aiming at assisting the healthy & happy growth of orphan and left-behind children. Our main business scope is to subsidize and accompany the orphan and left-behind children in Anxiang County of Hunan province for a long time, and meanwhile, to stimulate and cultivate volunteer teams, so as to achieve the vision of the foundation: the exploration of the best model specific to the accompanying growth of the underprivileged children and promotion of the development of humanistic care and quality-oriented education in poverty-stricken areas.

e Agent

Edaili is an online financial company that focuses on overseas asset allocation and is committed to enhancing the efficiency of the whole industry. As a crowdsourcing platform, and with the most innovative business model featuring disintermediation, we are able to reach superior overseas assets and brilliant salesmen. We worked with over 100,000 financial planners by far. Besides, Matrix Partners China, K2VC, Lightspeed China Partners, Sky9 Capital, Lippo Group, Vanguard Group, Neoglory and other companies have inject tens of millions of dollars in and endorsed with us. And at present, it has become one of the largest portal web of overseas asset allocation for Chinese investors.


As a subsidiary of Shanghai Zhaoyou Information Technology Co., Ltd, , 51zhaoyou.com is a domestic leading e-commerce service platform for refined oil products. It is devoted to promoting the circulation efficiency of the refined oil products industry via Internet to achieve the distributions throughout the country, so as to build a full petroleum industry chain with high efficiency underasset-light strategy and to be a domestic leading energy operator on the internet.

Currently, 51zhaoyou.com has launched Zhaoyou Mall, I Need Refuel, Zhaoyou Finance, Zhaoyou Logistics and other business products. In July 2016, 51zhaoyou.com comprehensively upgraded its business to achieve direct sales to the downstream customers. In 2016, the platform obtained 500 million Yuan of total transactions and gained overall profit in the fourth quarter. Since 2017, the platform has obtained more than 1.5 billion Yuan of self-operated business revenue in the first half year and achieved a sustained profitability, making a spurt to the annual target of 5 billion Yuan.

We firmly believe that with the joint efforts of numerous outstanding Zhaoyou people, 51zhaoyou.com will bring sustainable service values in each link of the petroleum industry chain, so as to promote the deep integration between petroleum industry and internet, and to provide powerful data values for the structure optimization of China’s energy economy and upgrading & transformation of the petrochemical industry.


S.U.N. was established by a group of passionate and hopeful teenagers with the vision of making our planet better in 2014.

We believe that the conservation of nature is not merely the responsibility of adults. If you hope that the sky is more blue, water is cleaner and air is more fresh in the future, let’s act together today!

The vision of S.U.N. is to make our planet better. For this purpose, we are devoted to building a flexible and easy public welfare platform for teenagers, so that they can establish and carry out public welfare activities more simply and conveniently. We believe that every teenager is a little seed and every seed can grow into a big tree. Our name S.U.N stands for “Seeds United for Nature”.

S.U.N. can help teenagers to achieve their potentials and public welfare dreams. So, we are devoted to:

Promoting the youth volunteering spirit and encouraging them to participate in volunteering activities

Designing and managing youth volunteering projects based on needs from communities

Empowering youth volunteers by providing trainings, support, tools and resources to them

Realising whole-person education in the youth volunteering activities

S.U.N. has a powerful consultation & instruction team to guide children to understand the meanings of public welfare and to make better popularization.


Since 2014, the center has carried out the environment protection education of Qiandao Lake Left-behind Children School for once per quarter. Our purpose is to make children realizing truly the importance of environment protection and to carry out education & behavior correction to the adult via the combination of environment protection education, paintings and games.

Additionally, environmental public welfare agency hascarried out a lot of public welfare activities in Hangzhou.