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Our Vision

Support and promote environmental and educational public welfare projects, change social problems and mutually create a better future.


Latest project

Picturing Progress

“A picture is worth a thousand words”, and this stunning photo album repeatedly proves this point – it powerfully records the struggles and helplessness of individuals and families living in poverty. Through these photos, we see struggle, suffering, and hope for the future in equal measure. I believe that these photo reports will touch everyone who reads them. In particular, the series of reports on “Cliff Village” has won several awards, including the China Photography Golden Image Award, which is fully deserved.

Waiting for Mum at New Home

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The Most Dangerous Miles to School

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The Land of Hope

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Not One Less

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Revisit Qatar: Labor Abuses in Focus

In 2013, freelance journalist Pete Pattison reported on the plight of the Nepalese migrant workers in Qatar. The reports aroused the attention of the local governments and relevant organizations to take action and living conditions of the migrant laborers had since been gradually improving. In 2018, Pete Pattison planned to conduct a new follow-up research project with strong support from Sky3 Seed Foundation. Through the insightful reporting on labor recruitment, labor safety and other concerns, the main aim is to urge the relevant governments to administer tougher regulations and better policies in order to fulfill their humanitarian responsibilities.

Asian Town, Qatar’s mall for migrants: ‘You can’t ignore the...

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Migrants claim recruiters lured them into forced labour attop Qatar...

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Family of World Cup worker waits for answers over death...

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AI for Humanity

At the present stage, charity aids around the world focuses only on “donation”. Donation can only address the immediate needs of the recipients, which offers no further help for their long-term development. If donations run out, they will likely be plunged into poverty and plight again. Humanitas hopes to offer a lifetime help for the weak through the power of technology.

About us

Faye Lo of the Social Impact Department of Sky9 Capital with the mission of supporting welfare innovation. It is to take actions for public welfare, spread love and share love along with care givers.

Over the past five years, relying on the trust and support of friends from all circles, we have raised more than 4 million funds, aided 52 projects, directly benefiting more than 15K children. It generated some long lasting and meaningful projects, leverage government fund more than 700 million RMB and created great social impact.

  • 60000+Fulfilment
  • 52+Project
  • 300+Volunteers
  • 60+Footprints