Relieving Wang Wei

Time: 2013-07-25

Wang Wei, a 4-year-old boy came from a single parent family in Jilin Province. He was attacked by disease in March of the year and was diagnosed as epilepsy at the Affiliated Hospital of Changchun Medical University. It cost 17,000 yuan for a month’s of hospitalization treatment. But by June 2013, the boy began to appear slight coma and the cost was more than 16,000 yuan for the second time. The doctor said the condition was rare and recommended them to go to the First Hospital of Peking University for treatment. The boy has spent more than 15,000 yuan since he was admitted to hospital on August 2, 2013.The impoverished Wang Wei family could not even afford to buy the cheapest hormone drugs. His father, in desperation, had to take the boy out of the hospital and give up treatment. The attending doctor was very sympathetic and asked them back and helped them to raise funds. The total cost of the child’s examination and treatment was about 30,000 to 40,000 yuan. Later some brain tissue was taken for biopsy through the craniotomy and found with the hydrocephalus. After drainage, the disease was relieved.

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