“Maitian Classroom of Sex Education” Sees Its Perfect Conclusion

Time: 2015-09-24 Source: Kunming Daily

Recently, the “Maitian Classroom of Sex Education” came to a successful end in Kunming. There are 30 volunteers and teachers participating in the one-and-a-half-day training.

During this training, the volunteers not only explained what sex is, but also popularized sexual health, sexual education, the vocabulary of scientific “sex”, the curriculum construction of primary sexual education, and the training of sexual education teachers. They also presented training aids and field fabrication, and showed a variety of participatory teaching methods. After describing some basic knowledge of instructional design and lesson plannig, practice was also carried out on the spot. Finally, the trainees also conducted group discussions, and gave lectures and trial lectures. After the training, volunteers and teachers said: “This training breaks our narrow understanding of sexual education, and gives us a deeper understanding of gender equality, rights advocacy, etc. ”