The construction of Qinghai Lake Ecomuseum

Time: 2016-07-04

Under the dual influence of natural and human activities, the ecological situation in the Qinghai Lake deteriorates year by year, such as the degradation of wetland, the drying up of the rivers, the disappearing of the habitats of species, the serious poaching of Huang fish, the increasing household refuse and tourism garbage etc. In 2012, by taking the base of the conservation station of the Xiaobao Lake east of the Qinghai Lake, the project team began to involve in the social ecological protection, mobilize social resources to rent the habitat for the rare species Przewalski’s Gazelle, and combat the poaching of Huang fish and so on. The project plans to establish local ecological and cultural museums, increase publicity and education, promote civilized tourism, and establish and improve the long-term ecological protection mechanism around the lake area.