Greek refugee research project

Time: 2016-08-04

The problem of refugees and immigration has affected about 100 million people in 35 countries around the world. The project team made a face-to-face interview to the 43 leaders of refugees from Syria and Afghanistan, as well as the representatives of local NPOs, international NPOs and local foundations. They represent 3,000 refugees (about 10% of the total refugee population of Greece). Subsequently, the project team will turn to the fields with immediate benefits to the refugees. The project will provide personal development and short-term job opportunities for refugees. As a trainer of artificial intelligence (AI) technology, with the improvement of AI technology, Humanitas will cooperate with refugees, and design long-term job opportunities for public, private and civic partners. The vision of the team is to eliminate global poverty by fundamentally transforming philanthropy into streamlined, transparent, data driven methods. The team provides this service in the following ways:

1、 Humanitas will establish partnerships with AI companies and strategic non-profit organizations to promote the security space of the AI user test station trusted by the beneficiaries.

2、The beneficiaries will train AI through natural conversations and practice English while receiving the treatment. AI shall constantly improve from the interaction and understand the beneficiaries.

3、The beneficiaries shall provide feedback and participate as workers. Humanitas shall invite the academic community to study and publish the results of the partnership.