Supporting Headmasters Forum

Time: 2017-08-04

The Wispring Rural Education Headmasters Forum was originated from the rural education headmasters salon in 2014. The Wispring hoped to build an exchange platform for rural headmasters to jointly discuss the problems occurred in the rural education guided by experts and participated by the education sectors and charity organizations, and seek effective and feasible solutions. In 2017, the Wispring focused on Internet education. The foundation worked with the Anxiang County Education Bureau and launched the fifth Wispring Rural Education Headmasters Forum. The theme of the forum was “New Horizon – Great Future – The Imagination and Practice of Rural Education”. The prospect of the future mode of rural education must be closely linked with the Internet. On April 14, 2017, the forum was successfully held, involving 243 participants and 53 media. The foundation collaborated with charitable enterprises and donated educational resources to the countryside, with the value of up to 30 million yuan.