Relieving the northeast flood

Time: 2013-10-25

Raised: 31,300.26 yuan of funds, more than 500 jin of second-hand cotton-padded trousers and coats, 300 new sweaters for men and women, the old and young

In August 2013, influenced by the continuous heavy rain, a big flood once in 30 years struck the upstream of Nen River. The middle and lower reaches of Nen River, the Songhua River trunk stream saw the big flood in 10 years. And the Heilongjiang River was stricken by the biggest flood since 1987. 270 sweaters were given to each household in Yingzi Village of the Yellow Banner, Kunhe Township, Aihui District. The villagers aged over 60 were given 51 down jackets. The remaining 63 sweaters and 9 down jackets were donated to Xiaowusili Village, Sijiazi Township, Aihui District. The rest of the money was used for other projects.

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