Promoting the Disciples Regulations (Di Zi Gui)

Time: 2013-11-25

The social influence project initiated by the Sky3 Seed Foundation was in the hope that the small seed could be spread in every corner of the country. It was to cultivate the love, patience and sense of responsibility of the children of the migrant workers by reading the Chinese classics Disciples Regulations so that they could learn filial piety to their parents and caring others since childhood, and grow healthily with optimistic character. The project founder Faye went to the Young Pioneer School in Henan in June 2012 to study and investigate, and gained the strong support from the school’s headmaster, Ren Xiaolin. The volunteers of the project would be trained by the teachers of Zhengzhou Young Pioneer School in Henan Province, and would go to teacher until after they have acquired the ability and quality of teaching and the teaching methods. Through pilot study, most schools under the existing teachers and teaching facilities could carry out the project smoothly. It has a great replication possibility. The pilot project was officially launched in Xiangyun Migrant Workers’ Children Kindergarten in Pudong, Shanghai on October 10, 2012 and opened a reading course of Disciples Regulations for 20 students for a school term. On March 6, 2013, it was promoted to four classes of 142 people in the school. Later, the project was extended to 9 regions, with more than 18 classes, benefiting 1,000 people.

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