Qingpu Winter Camp

Time: 2015-01-01

Chenxu Primary School located in Qingpu District of Shanghai mainly admits children of migrant workers and children with autism. The school aims to explore and create inclusive education suitable for China’s national conditions. This project granted 10 students in the Chenxu Primary School to participate in the life skill training camp organized by Mr. Feng Benli. The life skills training camp provides participants with a series of scientific projects and games, and guides them to try to cooperate with each other as a team and accomplish these tasks together, and develop their teamwork, communication and creativity in the process. After the success of the first winter camp, a summer camp was successfully held for primary school and junior high school students, benefiting 20 students of financial difficulties. In 2016, the project financed 10 students in the winter camp, and the summer camp was expanded to 2 primary school and 2 junior school camps, with 10 students sponsored. The project also provided summer camp service courses for more than 30 poverty students from Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture of the public institution Qingdao “China’s Wing”.


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