Lighting the Dreams of Books – Dictionary Project in Xinjiang

Time: 2015-01-02

Nowadays, the underdeveloped areas in Xinjiang are still lagging behind. The volunteers have found, after field visits, that some children don’t even have the most basic reference book –dictionary. Only 2.7% of children have a bilingual dictionary. To this end, we launched the activity of a bilingual dictionary for each child of the ethnic minorities in Xinjiang. For Xinjiang, the promotion of bilingual learning is not only related to the future employment and life of these children, but also closely related to the stability and unity of the country. As of April 31, 2015, we have received applications of a total of 14 schools from various organizations. After the careful arrangement by the project team and timely communication, the applications of 8 schools have been approved. As of July 2015, a total of 2,200 dictionaries for 8 schools have been distributed and feedback.

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