Poverty-oriented Photography

Time: 2018-05-06

Poverty-oriented Photography is a project founded by Sky3 Seed Foundation with eBroker and 51VR, to support Jie Chen and his team recording the poor families and villages via images and in-depth reports. It’s hopeful to drive some changes of society through revealing the difficulties facing by individuals and groups. Up to now, Jie Chen and his team have filmed 8 families from the villages located in Zhejue Town, Weining County, Bijie City, Guizhou Province. The reports raised great concerns from the local government and Evergrande Group, which brought targeted poverty alleviation to these families and villages. By April 2018, these families will move to new residence provided by the government while Evergrande Group integrate this area to its industrial poverty reduction program. In the next three years, Sky3 Seed Foundation and ChenJie team will keep working on more meaningful documentary stories of those poor families’ life changes under the country’s targeted poverty alleviation projects