Poverty-oriented Photography Media Exposure Progress 2019

Time: 2021-07-31

More than one village on the cliff

1,《Consecutive villages on the cliff standing high in the cloud: villagers carrying 6-meter-long steel pipes to build the sky stairs might fall down and die if they are careless》

2,《Consecutive villages on the cliff in Liangshan: Below the feet is an abyss and above the head is a rockfall. Villagers can “leap onto roofs and vault over walls”》

3,《Due to lack of timely medical help the parents succumbed to illness. the future of the three orphan siblings of the village on the cliff depends on the 36 beehives》

4,《The life of the one-armed 13-year-old girl of the village on the cliff: she works on the farm and does housework every day, and she can carry goods as heavy as 25kg》

5,《Poor pupils of the villages on the cliff: The 11-year-old girl is talented, but her mother hopes she will get married as soon as she finishes her primary school》

6,《Uphill road of WaWu Village, a village on the cliff: the narrowest road is only 20cm wide; it weaves its way with the cliff on one side》

7,《After spending 4 hours climbing, I reached the villages on the cliff for the 15th time, with the only aim to ensure that the children stay in the class》

Liusuo Village in Guizhou Province

1,Journalist’s note: the children of Liusuo Village climb the 1km mountain road. The journalist, who once was an excellent soldier, is unable to catch up with them

2,They get up to go to school at 4am, spending 7 hours on the road every day

3,On the way to school: 9-year-old students cross the river by hanging on to a rope and walk 53km to reach their school

4,To save time, they climb the cliff where gazelles appear to go to school