Supporting the Youth Football Training program

Time: 2016-09-04

Social Assistance Foundation of German FC Schalke 04, has introduced the German youth football training system to provide international training and upgrading platform for football talents and football loving teenagers. At present, the program has successfully held professional training camps for nearly 400 football teens. The training camp lasts for five days for each session. It is to explore and train talented football juveniles by referring to the complete German mode, with efficient and pragmatic management and rigorous and interesting training methods, and create an international upgrading and growth space for them. The Sino-German Youth Football Training program plans to organize two or more public service youth training every year in the next decade. At least 2,000 of young football players who have both ability and integrity will participate in the world-class football youth training. In his visit to Germany on September 4, the local time, President Xi Jinping, along with the German Prime Minister Merkel heard the reports of the progress of Sino-German football cooperation program from the president of the German Football Association Reinhard Grindel, the chairman of Bundesliga Reinhard Raubal, and the chief couch of German National Team Joachim Loew. Among which, the football youth training cooperation program of the Schalke 04 and Kunshan City was introduced to the two state leaders as a key topic!