Relieving Gama Ransang

Time: 2015-02-05

Gama Ransang, 15, born in Yushu, Qinghai, suffers from severe spinal deformity. Due to the family financial difficulty and limited local medical conditions, she had never received effective treatment. As she grew older, the degree of lateral curvature also increased significantly, and gradually compressed the cardiopulmonary function, causing breathing difficulties. Now the director Hai Yong of Beijing Chao-Yang Hospital suggested that the child should be treated immediately, but the cost gap was very high. We hoped the care givers could help the child regain health. On March 6, she had the spinal deformity fusion, but the recovery was slow due to the severity of the disease. With the help and coordination of the Director Hai and Director Yang of the Beijing Chao-Yang Hospital, the child was transferred to Beijing Nianlun Orthopedics Hospital for further rehabilitation. 13 days after the surgery, the child looked good-spirited and could even walk with braces. After she got home from the hospital, she is found to have grown 13 cm taller from 135 cm before to 148 cm after the surgery.