“Happy Bag”

Time: 2015-02-25

Limited by teachers and other resources, the education development in mountainous areas is unbalanced. Many schools only have Chinese and Maths courses. A large number of children have never seen skipping rope or basketball, and more children never have a toy. To this end, we launched this project, giving them a toy to make their childhood happier. The “Happy Bag” project supported by Amy and other friends, by means of fixed-supplier purchase in Taobao, has provided toys for Daizhuang Village Primary School, Quanli Township, Yishui County, Shandong (176 pupils), Kongshan Primary School, Yixian County, Hebei (172 pupils), Tumen River Hope Primary School, Yingshan, Hubei (281 pupils), Shangli Village Primary School, Dalang Township, Rongshui, Guangxi (50 pupils). The schools also held fun sports meeting with the sporting goods provided.


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