Teaching aids support

Time: 2015-03-25

The teachers of rural primary schools in poverty-stricken mountainous areas actually have not received much support, and their teaching difficulties are not only because of the high intensity of labour, but also the lack of effective guidance and teaching aids. In 2014, Maitian (Mowo) launched teaching aids support pilots in 7 village primary schools in Tanghu Town, Langya Mountain District, Yixian County and received positive responses. The teachers said these teaching aids have effectively helped them improve the classroom efficiency, and also helped the children better master the knowledge. The first batch of the pilot schools of the “Teaching Aids” project adapted the non-public application mode with the support of the Sky3 Seed Foundation and was launched in Tianjin and Dongying two teams. The Tianjin team applied and implemented 14 primary schools, while the Dongying team applied 5 primary schools. After two pilot teams’ implementation and experiments in 19 schools, on December 1, the project began officially receiving applications nationwide. On the day of the release of the project, it received wide claim by the teams of different regions. They believe that it is a down-to-earth good project solving difficulties of village primary schools. Beijing, Jishui, Liaocheng, Linqing, Chongqing and a number of teams have expressed their intention for the application.



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