China Rural Kids Care

Time: 2015-04-25

China Rural Kids Care (hereinafter referred to as “Kids Care”) was launched in Beijing on July 18, 2012, with the joint efforts of public well-known figures such as Deng Fei, Zhang Quanling, Ma Yili, Wang Changtian, Yu Deyao, the China Charities Aid Foundation for Children, Phoenix satellite TV, sina weibo, Southern Urban Daily, Spring City Evening News, Urban Express, mango V fund, and has obtained the qualification of legitimate public offering. It is the third public interest project launched by Deng Fei after the “Weibo Combating Child-trafficking”, “free lunch”, aiming to provide free serious illness medical insurance for rural children in China. The public welfare project adopts the cooperation mode of charity funds, insurance companies, and local governments, targeting at all state-level poverty-stricken children aged 6-16 in China. With the 75 yuan premium paid by the Foundation, each child can get critical illness insurance coverage of 200,000 yuan outside the NCMS. The donation this time is to buy a supplementary insurance with the highest compensation of 20, 0000 yuan for serious illness for 909 children under 16 who have social security or NCMS in Hefeng County. It is to change the passive relief for early active insurance, which will effectively alleviate the financial pressure of the children’s families through the compensation and solve the treatment situation and practical problems of local children with illness.