Health classroom

Time: 2015-06-25

Left-behind children are mostly taken care of by their grandparents, with the absence of the education and management from their parents. Restricted by living standard and living environment, rural children are often plagued by health disease. Some children are even infected with infectious diseases for not having good health habits, leaving a life-long regret. Another aspect is often overlooked as well, the sex knowledge education. The lack of awareness of sexual knowledge and prevention of sexual assault makes it possible for lawbreakers to take advantage of it. The project aims to help students have a correct understanding on health, advocate and develop healthy habits, learn the necessary defensive infringement and methods dealing with the emergencies, and enhance self-protection ability and good mentality in case of emergency, so as to reduce the occurrence of risk events and learn to protect themselves. On September 12, 13, 2015, the sex education classroom training was held in Emerald Homeland in Kunming City, Yunnan Province, with the lectures given by Ms Hu Yue from the Children’s Sex Education Project Group of Beijing Normal University. More than 30 volunteers of 4 Maitian (Mowo) teams from Kunming, Zibo, Foshan, and Ehuang participated in the training. After the training, the teams began to try to use the textbook to carry out the sex education course. On October 24, 2015, the main task of the first phase of health classroom was basically completed. 1,525 health bags and 446 school girl packages were distributed to the 5 pilot schools and nearly 2,000 students received the health training (sex education).

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