Teacher training

Time: 2015-09-25

The Maitian (Mowo) Project has set up a number of libraries in the country and now many rural children have extracurricular books to read. At the same time, more than 40 Maitian (Mowo) Children’s Palaces were also built across the country. The rural children have more choices with the supporting facilities of books. While meeting the needs for children to read books, how to read books becomes a problem of our concern. On October 10-12, 2015, the teacher training was held in the Central Primary School of Luoping Town, Luoding City, Guangdong Province, with the participation of a total of 102 teachers. After training, the tutors of the Helin Organization will continue to follow up the teachers’ learning and the course development through the Internet. A teacher reading plan has been reached with the headmaster, hoping to arouse the teachers’ awareness of the importance of reading by increasing their own reading volume.