Investigate and survey on the situation of migrant children

Time: 2015-10-25

Based on comprehensive arrangement and collection of the present situation of migrant children’s service organizations in the Pearl River Delta areas and the related second-hand materials of the project development, this project team made an in-depth understanding of the work situation of the migrant children service organizations in the PRD and the project development situation by combining field visits and research, which provided reference and basis for the construction and improvement of second-hand database in the field of migrant population of the PRD of the Guangdong Harmony Foundation, the urban migrant children work of Guangdong Maitian (Mowo) Education Foundation, and the platform mode design and development of the migrant children and youth growth in Guangzhou Vloveit. Investigation Report on the Services of the Migrant Children in the Pearl River Delta written by the project team can help the regional children’s service organizations explore the work strategy and paths.