The Land of Hope

Time: 2018-11-15

Our investigation began in the early 2018. Various ethnic groups are living here in the embrace of desert, plateau and snow mountain.

Many children and old people are in need of help, no one would realize it because of they are living in isolation. We hope that with the little help of the camera, people in distress will not lose their voice.

(Photos by Jie Chen)

Poverty-oriented Photography rolled out by Sky3 Seed in collaboration with ebroker and 51VR to support Jie Chen together with his team from in recording the poor families and villages as well as the individual and collective predicaments in the midst of social changes to push the society to change. In 2018, Jie Chen surveyed more than 100 families from 20 villages in Bijie of Guizhou, Liangshan of Sichuan, south of Xinjiang, and Dingxi of Gansu, taking lots of pictures and documentary materials as well as doing a lot of fieldwork and written records. Relevant reports will be released from the end of 2018 to the beginning of 2019.